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Business Database

Decision makers/Business database includes CEO, CFO, CPO, VP & other CXO database. Also the data is classified into IT decision makers, manufacturing decision makers, education decision makers, finacial decision makers and SME databases and other sectors in India. This mailing list is best suitable for email & mobile marketing


CEO, CXO database is such a database which contains very detailed information about all the chief and executive officers of different companies. This database contain information about official, personal email ids , contact number etc of CEO(Chief executive officer), CXO(chief experience officer),CFO(Chief financial officer), CMO(Chief medical officer), CTO(Chief technology officer), VP(vice president) of different companies. This is like a one in all databases which is really very important and precious for different small or large business companies of different sectors. The contact information of all the pillars or important personals of all organizations/companies helps other companies to approach others for business related events, collaboration, partnership, deals, advertisement etc more easily.

The detailed contact information (email ids, contact number etc) along with their respective company names, their business field etc makes the life of other business company people really easy. In today’s scenario, at the age of globalization and growing number of business companies with their diverse orientations, strategies etc have made the market a real tough place and very much competitive. So companies always search for alternative ways to make their business more profitable, and to make more profit they have to use other companies and their services. Success is not confined to the work of any individual company. This database provides a one stop solution for contacting different company heads and executives not only for business but also to get sponsorships, surveys etc.

There is different kind of directories in this database such as CEO/CXO database, CMO Database, CFO database etc.


Corporate sector is a huge part of today’s economical field. Corporate sector or business sector is the part of the economy formed by the companies, which is a subset of domestic economy and excludes the economic activities of government bodies, private households, and NGOs (Non profit organizations). To run a business different business organizations have different sets of principles, policies, ideas ,strategies etc. All such actions are taken by the decision makers of any business organization. So it is easily understandable that decisions makers are very important pillars of any business organizations, for the success of respective business organizations. In private sector or business sector also there are decision makers, who are one of the most important asset for any company. This database of “Corporate sector mobile and email database” contains the contact details of these decision makers of different companies. Thus other business organizations can use the given set of information in this database to contact to the decision makers of other companies of their interest.